To date I’ve had three short stories published, several short plays/radio plays, some commissions, and I contributed to an experimental novel written, gameshow-style, by ten international collaborators.

Man and Boy, in Written In Blood, edited by Lindsay Ashford and Caroline Oakley, Honno 2009.

The Lucky Jacket, in Cut On The Bias, edited by Stephanie Tillotson, Honno, 2010

In The Lap Of The Gods, in A Midlands Odyssey, edited by Polly Stoker, Elisabeth Charis and Jonathan Davidson, Nine Arches Press, 2014.

Circ, by Simon Fairbanks, Maria Mankin, Yasmin Ali et al. Pigeon Park Press, 2014.

Start At The Bottom, a short stage play, commissioned for Black History Month Wales, 2011, later re-written as a drama for BBC Radio Wales.

A short story commissioned by the West Midlands Readers Network, whereby each year a group of writers is paired with a reading group.  In 2014 I was paired with Dudley Crime Reading Group.  This lively group wanted, naturally, a crime story, but with a local setting and relevance.

My latest commission is a script for Twelve Angry Women.  It broadly responds to the 60th anniversary of the stage play, and later film, Twelve Angry Men, and will premiere at the Brighton Dome for International Women’s Day 2016.  Twelve Angry Women at Brighton Dom

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