Writer’s Musings And Other Stuff

I’m Yasmin Ali, and here I’m a writer, though I am many other things besides.

The things I’ve published down the years scarcely sit together on one author page.  I began with the earnest and the political, though in a strictly non-party way, and I’ve never quite given up the habit of political commentary (see my other blog for that).

This is the space for me as a writer of fiction.  It is something I wanted to do from childhood – write stories – but somehow I didn’t believe I could.  I didn’t know anyone who wrote books, and the names of authors on the library books I borrowed might well have been the names of gods or space aliens, so distant did they feel from my life and the lives around me.

My first short story was published in an anthology of crime fiction in 2009.  It was first time lucky – the first thing I submitted for publication was accepted.  I didn’t realise that actually I’d achieved something that most writers, good writers, often have to slog away at, sending submission after submission.  Fortunately I soon learned that luck only gets you so far.  Writing is hard work and takes constant application.

I’ve since published a few short stories, had the great good fortune to become a member of Tindal Street Fiction Group, the acclaimed writers’ group established in 1983, made my debut at The Birmingham Literature Festival, and taught creative writing in a variety of settings.  For more details see My Amazon Author Page.

My first novel awaits a publisher!  In the meantime, I’ll get on with the next…..

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